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How eChapter Email Distribution System Works

If your group has arranged to utilize the eChapter Email Distribution (Broadcast) System, near the top of your group's eChapter Page there will be a link labeled "Prepare Emails"

Near the top of the page there is a link "Letters or lists" which will open in a separate window, and provide access to your own sample emails (from which information can be copied and pasted into the email you are sending) and email lists so you can see who is on the list you will be using.

Email Form The email form has 5 sections (fields); 1. Email FROM (field) drop down list, 2. Email TO (Field) drop down list, 3. Subject (field) 4. Body (Field) 5. HTML (filed) check box.

1. Email FROM Select the appropriate FROM email address from the drop down list.

2. Email TO Select the appropriate TO email address from the drop down list. It is a very good idea to maintain a Test list to which messages can be sent and verified for spelling, how any links work etc, before sending the email out to the actual list you want to use.

3. Subject Type in a Subject (if it is a test maybe include the word test in the Subject).

4. Body Area Type in (or copy and paste from your sample email) the body of the email. You may want to test adequately to avoid having too much blank space included in the email. Any links in the email should contain the full URL on one line, to avoid the link being broken when received.

5. Send in HTML Format The system can send html emails, however, some recipient companies my block or not correctly interpret the message. Therefore, it is recommended that this be thoroughly tested before being used. Leaving the box unchecked, will send out a plain text email, which may contain links.

Mail Out Once all fields are completed, select the "Mail Out" button (but only once). The system will display the number of email sent and provide a link to your chapter's eChapter Reports page.